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From the Chairman & Founder’s Desk:

Jagadish Rai Mittal established Power Plastech Pvt Limited, with 40 years’ experience in field of plastics manufacturing many verticals like Raw Materials, PP corrugated sheets, plastic moulded furniture, water tanks.

Our founder saw the potential of using good quality plastic formwork to replace traditional plywood. The plastic formworks could reduce labour cost, time and improve quality of construction and was therefore, very viable in the construction site. After several years of research and development and some failed attempts, he tasted success in 2011 when he launched Nova plastic formwork system which could easily give more than 100 repetitions.

From the Director’s desk:

Asheesh Kumar Mittal Director of Power Plastech Pvt. Ltd. A second-generation entrepreneur, he is associated with the plastic manufacturing domain for the last 20 years. Born and brought up in Bengaluru and after completing his education, joined his father’s business. Post his joining into the family business, Asheesh was initially given the responsibility of manufacturing Plastic moulded furniture & crates.

Asheesh Mittal is focused on establishing his mission of educating India about eco-friendly and recyclable formworks and creating a green revolution. Asheesh Kumar Mittal is a man of strong values and integrity. He believes in giving back to the society. He is a proud member of BNI Admirals & Jayanagar Jaguars a running group.

He very strongly sees the cleaner and greener future of INDIA with NOVA FORMWORKS.

Shrikant Naikwade (Marketing Head)

Mr.Shrikant Naikwade has experience of 17 years in civil engineering & executions of projects is with Power Plastech Pvt Ltd since 13 years. He handles the marketing division of Nova Formworks and has added prestigious clients to the company.


Work Together for a Business Success

Nova Formwork is a plastic Modular Formwork System made out of high impact resistant reinforced plastic with a Pins & wedges locking system manufactured in Banga|ore and Delhi by Nova Group which has over 40 years’ experience in the field of plastics manufacturing covering all verticals like Raw materials, plastic PP corrugated sheets, watertanks, plastic Formwork with Scaffolding, Molded furniture.

It is the INDIA’S first plastic modular formwork system introduced by NOVA Group 10 years back and with its continuous research and development is improving its product everyday with many new innovations and observations. The product has excellent resistance, rigidity, impact and lightness which fulfills the requirement of the building industry .

Our Clients


Nova is new advanced formwork with Gl supported Frames are attached to the back side of panels. It is unbreakable panels.  It is best suitable for all vertical and horizontal applications.  It is a light weight (15kg/sq.mt) panels to carry easily on site and easy to clean also. Concrete is not stick to the surface of panels.


It is best suitable for all kinds of vertical applications, walls, shear walls, retaining walls, lift walls, rafts, swimming pool, water tanks, STP tanks etc. It has a wide variety of panels sizes length & different sizes of closing panels, outer and inner corners making it very easy to make any size of verticals, wallers, anchor nut and props are used for support.

Our Team


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