Wall Formwork

Nova Wall Formwork offers the most convenient way to build walls. Easily installed, the wall formwork is best suited for all kinds of vertical applications like walls, shear walls, retaining wall, lift walls rafts, swimming pool, water tanks, box culverts, drains, STP tanks and other vertical applications. The wall formwork comes in a wide variety […]

Column Formwork

Nova wall panels are multipurpose and are used to make column formwork as well. We offer a conclusive range of sizes which can be added to make any size of columns. Lightweight and manageable, our range of Nova Plasform, Nova Alplas & Nova Aluform formwork column formworks are available in both regular and customized specification […]

Slab Formwork

Nova Formwork Panels are multipurpose and can be used for slab and other kinds of construction requirement. It is modular and made up of both aluminium and plastic. It gives a very smooth finish and is easy to use. It is light weight and easy to use. Slab Formwork is also available in all 3 […]

Form Concrete Cast in Situ

One of the most exclusive applications of Nova Formworks is our concrete cast in situ systems. This involves the process of manually pouring concrete in liquid form into our plastic moulds to create rigid concrete on site. The reinforcements can be customised to suit the requirements of the clients. Our panels can be attached to […]

Stitch concrete

Nova plastic modular formwork is used in the construction of flyover as stitch concrete formwork. It has been successfully used by ITD CHEM and SIMPLEX in the construction of various Delhi Flyovers.

Beam Formwork

We provide Formwork system in plastic for all kinds of beam, slabs, columns and verticals

Pre – Cast Mold

Nova pre-cast molds can be used for precast applications for various construction structures such as precast concrete box culverts, precast pits and stitch concrete etc.

Low Cost Housing Projects

Nova Formwork System is being effectively used for low cost housing projects as this system is affordable and gives maximum repititions.

Drain Formwork

Nova Formworks is being used to construct drains in most of the smart cities. It saves time and improves performance and also gives superior finish and quality.

Monolithic Construction

Nova Formwork System with its unique combination of Plastic and Aluminium is well equipped to construct the whole structure as a single continuous structure.

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