Light weight so very easy to handle by single labour as well.

Gives a Good Surface Finish of the Walls, Columns, Beams & Slabs etc.

It can be used 80 to 100 repetitions.

Can be used in Fresh and Saltwater.

Green Product (even carbon credits can be earned if applied).

Plastic and light weight allows for safer working conditions avoiding fall hazard during both setup and dismantling.

The simple mechanics i.e. Pins and wedges for locking so speeds up the assembling and removal operations saving a lot of time.

The need for amount of material required is reduced at as the same panels can be used for walls, slabs , shear walls, columns, foundations, pile caps, rafts etc.

No leakage between two panels joints due to its good locking.

No need of using shuttering oil if cleaned with water areas and in open as well.

No special storage space is required can be stored even in water areas and in open as well.

There is no need to plaster as the finish is Good.

No need of skilled carpenters normal unskilled people can do the job in supervision and as its takes less time labor is saved.

The average weight is around 18 Kg per

Sizes can be changed very easily as it is modular allowing low inventory.

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