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Formwork means anything which is used as a mould for pouring concrete into it so that concrete can attain the shape of the mould and the mould can be removed once the concrete has set and attained strength as per the standard code of construction.

  • Plywood Formwork
  • Steel Formwork
  • Aluminium Formwork
  • Plastic Formwork

When you need to construct any kind of a concrete structure, you need to use a formwork or a mould so that the required shape of the structure is attained and the safety is also maintained.

Modular Plastic Formwork is a System Formwork developed in form of plastic panels which are available in different sizes which can be joined together to make a desired size in different permutations and combinations which is very easy to use and gives good finish.

Plastic Formwork is sturdy and can be used in most of the concrete applications. This System is made with plastic composite material which has high impact strength. These panels have a Stiffner attached to them which is made of light weight hollow steel tube frame. ( Refer our video of our onsite pictures where Nova Panels are being used – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIuMugh6aYc

It is light weight and weighs only 18kg / sq mtr.

Wall thickness of Nova Plastic Panels vary from 4mm to 10mm as per the design of the panel and the height of the panel or thickness of the panel is 80mm. Length is 1235mm that can be joined to cast vertical structures upto the height of more than 3 mtrs depending on the design of the structure.

General steel supporting system can be used like wallers, tie rods, anchor nuts etc and for slabs props or cuplock system can be used. No special supporting system required.(Refer to our video for the supporting system- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbQAPDSuDzg&t=7s )

Nova Panels come in standardized prefixed sizes and can also be fabricated and customized as per the requirement. For any kind of repair required it can be plastic welded easily.


Yes there are prefixed holes for tierods in the panels and the caps are provided for easy use. The caps can be removed when tierods are used and later be plugged back if that hole if not used for tierod.


Nova plastic Formwork can be used more than 100 times very easily and if handled properly people are there who have used more than 300 times also.

It is so easy to use that even unskilled labour or helpers can assemble the formwork and skilled carpenters are not at all necessary. You can have 1 carpenter for every 10 to 12 helpers, which is more than enough instead of the usual requirement of 1 carpenter every 2 labourers.

It can be used in Water Logged Areas, infact this is the only system that can be used in fresh and salt water both.


The finish comes out very good as there is no leakage between the panels and there is no undulation and there is absolutely no need to plaster the surface due to the low surface tension of plastic.

The joint line can be seen but the surface is even. You just see a line but you cannot feel them with the touch of the hand the surface is even.

Demoulding depends on the concrete and not on the Formwork , if faster setting concrete is used it can be remolded faster , there is a drop head system available in this due to which the slabs can achieve a cycle of 5 days slab cycle .

No Shuttering Oil is needed if the formwork is cleaned with water after every use. If it not cleaned after every use a little oil is recommended. The quantity of shuttering oil can be as less as 20% of what you normally use with steel or aluminum formwork.

As per the vertical load taking capacity it can handle a concrete pressure of upto 6 tons or 60KN per sq mtr. For horizontal at a support of 1.2 metre , 2.5 tonnes/sq metre without deflection, breakload 5.5 ton.

Panels are joined tightly using pin and wedges or plastic locks. These locks are joined at a distance of 150mm so this leaves no space for any concrete to leak. (Refer our you tube video link https://youtu.be/G0dhgO6SlEw )


Size of Nova Panels AVAILABLE below-

  • 10 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • 40 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • 100mm Width*1235mmLength
  • 150 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • 200 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • 230 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • 250 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • 300 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • 350 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • 500 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • 600 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • 1000 mm Width * 1235mm Length
  • Round Panel 300 x 620
  • OC 80 x 1235
  • OC 180 x 617
  • OC 118 X 617
  • IC 300 x 617 x 100
  • IC 230 x 1235 x 80
  • IC 150 x 617 x 80
  • Beam IC 180×1235

Yes there is a 25 % resale value . We offer a 25% replacement value .

Yes it is, the company is looking at partnering with people who can buy and rent it out. It is a wonderful business proposition

There is a very big vacuum in this place, if labour contractors can buy plastic formwork and become contractors with material there will be a huge demand for them and they can double their income very easily.

Plastic is not a very good conductor of heat so it can be easily handled in areas where temperature is even 50 degrees centigrade whereas Steel Formwork would be very difficult to handle in such high temperature. The softening point of plastic is about 75 to 80 degrees so can be used up to 60 to 65 degrees. Thus Nova Formwork can be used all across the globe and all around the year.

Yes, we offer training at site.

Yes it can be used in  low cost housing projects and is the best system for these projects


It can be used for all kind of concrete structures.

Yes it is used and is the best Formwork for foam Concrete Applications.

Yes it can be and should be used as it is the best investment which a infrastructure contractor can make, it would help with ease of work due to light weight and modular system, better efficiency of labour , lesser number labour requirement, faster work cycles, better finish, better name in the market creating better good will and obviously saving cost, environment friendly, replaceable and helping the company over all development. (Check Our You Tube Link where we have a video of our panels being used in Infrastructure Projects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkVwFWLia9k )

Ye it can be used in Slabs, the same panels can be used Slabs, Columns, Walls  etc. (Refer our Youtube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWe1oZdNYYw )

Yes, it can be used in Monolithic Construction

From 30% TO 50 % time can be saved easily , cost saved can be from 30% to even 300% depending of the Formwork you are using right now , the handling and care taken at site.

Yes, Nova Panels are 100% recyclable and most environmental friendly formwork available.

Nova is the only company manufacturing in India.


Yes by Nova Formworks Pvt. Ltd.

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